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Why Nurucoin

Intra Africa Trade

At 11% intra Africa trade is still at her infancy. Nurucoin is positioned to help the SME market in Africa achieve an active part of this growing cross border trade by solving some of the cross border payment issues hampering our growth.

Acceptable and Available

Nurucoin is but around the framework of pan African acceptability and availability to merchants and everyday users and not as a tradeable asset in financial markets like most altacoins. Every African must have access to nurucoin with ease.

Gives Value Back

Nurucoin will be the first currency aimed at giving value back to the producer or originator of the goods or services by removing the high cost of middlemen in the payment ecosystem in Africa. Certain top binary options trading robots claim to generate huge profit with very little investment. The quantum code review clearly talks about the legit and scam bots in the market so that you can make an informed decision. It gives a clear verdict that quantum code is a scam bot.

Inclusive Ecosystem

Nurucoin is an African currency made by Africans to create an inclusive ecosystem for the unbanked population in Africa to become part of a formal economy.

Product Development Roadmap

In Progress

Expected Completion Date

Early 2018

Blaze bay E-commerce and first version of the trust rating.


Develop a fully-functional payment gateway with a user interface for blaze bay and other e-commerce merchants and enable them to accept NRCT currency while leveraging on first version of Trade security level mechanism. The above phase is almost 30% done as we already have a working prototype at with already existing listed merchants.


Expected Completion Date

Mid 2018

A full e-commerce solution to accept Nurucoin(NRCT)-based tokens and exchange them to fiat currency.


Accept not only NRCT currency, but also other crypto currency-based tokens and enable merchants to exchange Nurucoin(NRCT) currencies to fiat currency and transfer funds to their preferred accounts. Moreover, Customer relation management (CRM) Merchant manager wallet, real-time analytics, and dashboards for merchants will be introduced during this stage. Blazebay currently has basic functions of CRM, Merchant profile management coupled with simple analytics. Within the set timelines, we will be creating a fully-fledged ecosystem.


Expected Completion Date

Late 2018

A Nurucoin(NRCT) Wallet for clients + Loyalty program + Significant improvement of decentralized Trade security and reputation algorithm.


To make a significant step towards a fully working decentralized Trade security and reputation system. Improvement of decentralized trade security and reputation algorithm together with Nurucoin(NRCT) smart contract based mobile wallet for making/solving claims, rating merchants, writing reviews, etc. Review purchase history, see clients’ and merchants’ trust rating, etc. Finally, the loyalty program will be enabled during this stage of development.


Expected Completion Date

Early 2019

Full functionality of the decentralized Trade security and reputation system.


This level of financing will allow us to fully develop a globalized distributed trade security and reputation system to enable both parties to initiate/resolve claims so that global trade security rate would reflect “the true trust of both parties”. Reviews will be enabled, which will have a significant weight on trade security rate for merchants and clients. Trade security system algorithm will be improved to facilitate claims and client reviews. Other mobile version applications and web interface with other improvements to merchant’s and clients interface will be developed during this phase.


Expected Start Date

As Soon As Possible



Develop and introduce the decentralized payment, Trade security and Trade reputation system for retail merchants. The ability to accept mobile payments in Nurucoin(NRCT)-based currencies and exchange them to preferred fiat currency, top-tier retail merchant interface to see the purchase history, analytics, etc. This will also incorporate the development of PoS systems and API and will incorporate both hard ware and software which will include a full crypto operating system. It would also allow us to develop our own unique Nuruchain. Allowing us to move our e-commerce platform to a chain that is flexible and tailor made for emerging markets. Our goal is to build Nuruchain for emerging market entrepreneurs and reduce the cost of gas for businesses and consumers using various forms of coin payments in these markets.

The NuruBlock Model

By eliminating the “middle man” – essentially the escrow agent – using blockchain technology it is possible to build business clients that operate with no human or business entity between trading pairs.


Components of a Distributed Model

Trade Security And Reputation System

Doing business with another party entails two important functions. The first is to hold funds from the time that a transaction is initiated and executed. The second is settlement in favor of the supplier or the customer incase the transaction fails.

Settlement poses a challenge. Any system that is automated would have to have a robust and agreed settlement system that is immune to human or system error. We will address these challenges by setting up fraud proof methods of determining the state of a transaction before releasing the funds.


In a similar way to that in which the blockchain is kept inherently honest by all parties agreeing, settlement would be according to a majority vote.


Payments may be offered with the layor providing the result. This is normal for all online businesses today and it is likely that they would choose to continue to provide their own payment options.

3rd party Arbitration

An interface will be provided for 3rd parties to provide settlement and arbitration. There would be a fee associated with this service.

Different views
based on
Target Market

While the API will provide all functionality to all participants it is anticipated that there would be more specific apps similar to bitcoin prime that automates the trade for you. Check the Bitcoin bank erfahrungen 2021 that gives you the pros and cons of the app. Registration is free of cost. The bot trades 24/7 for you without your manual intervention. Sucn apps built focus on the intended end user. As an example, is its founding platform Blazebay where payments and agreements will be tied to the corresponding nurublock so as to ensure authenticity and integrity.


As Featured On

Executive B.O.D.



Blazebay is Africa’s first virtual integrated trading platform. We serve millions of buyers and suppliers globally with millions of commodities.


Soma Mate is an integrated digital communication platform which links pupils, teachers and parents on real-time basis.

Q - Kut

Q-Kut is an application that maximizes operational efficiency and staff productivity through the smart queue management.


Nunua254 is a social marketing/ advertising platform targeting medium SMEs, brands & businesses.

Homestay Safari

From ones comfort at home, office, or in transit, the modern day travelers can access the world at his/her fingertips.


Nurupay is a service that is keen on providing financial solutions with the knowledge that Life moves faster than the pace of bank queues


Nurucoin tokens will be distributed once the ICO process is over. Details on how to get your tokens will be sent to you via the email provided.

This is An E-commerce currency solving problems of payment in Intra-Africa trade and cross border B2C market places. It is powered by Blazebay, which is our e-commerce platform currently in pilot phase and moving to the block chain. Nurucoin will also be available across Africa in various sectors as a means of payment.

Unlike Bitcoin, Nurucoin is a coin for Africans by Africans and offered more features including benefits to community members.

At the moment, Nunua 254, homestay safaris, nurupay and Blazebay. More vendors will be updated as they come in.

Depending on the vendors enlisted, any of their products can be paid for using Nurucoins.

Currently, Visa and Paypal are the best suited to aid in purchase of Nurucoins.

Every purchase made via the Nurucoin(NRCT) payment system will reward the client of the merchant with 0.5 % (the exact percentage might change over time) of the value of the transaction in Nurucoin(NRCT) tokens from the Nurucoin(NRCT) loyalty pool.

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