Nurucoin comes to address the root causes of the perennial imbalance of Intra-African trade currently at only 11% compared to Africa-Europe trade at 66%.

Although Nuru coin will participate at the various global exchange markets alongside other trading currencies and assets as a commodity, it's main value will be derived from its wider access, acceptability & usage in the Pan-African trade and payment ecosystem.

Nuru coin will use blockchain & Smart Contract technology to provide an enhanced Efficient, Effective & Economical trading ecosystem within and across boarders. It offers a standard and stable peer to peer measure of value in exchange of goods & services. This will be devoid of cumbersome bureaucracies and punitive constantly fluctuating and unstable currency exchange rates.

Nurucoin is poised to become the premier Pan-African currency boosting the morale and trust among merchants & traders across Africa and beyond. This will be a major catalyst for not only increasing trade but also maximising their returns. The ecosystem aims at generating and consolidating sustainable wealth by Africans, to Africans & for Africans.

Intra-Africa Trade

Whether you are importing or exporting goods, Nurucoin allows you to receive and send payments to any location in the world.

Trade Security

Nurucoin aims at connecting the consumers and the producers. The consumer will be able to verify the product they receive and make direct payments.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with terms of agreement between the buyer and seller. Being directly written into lines of code.

Instant Payments

Payments are distributed as soon as a transaction is completed and available in instant crypto funds for use as the owner sees fit.